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PARTS FOR X7/FS529 49cc Pocket Bike

49cc billet air filter   49cc performance air filter kit (flat cone)   49cc carburetor/v stack bolt
33cc/43cc/49cc pull starter plate   49cc clutch spring   Racing gloves by Troy Lee
Billet tire air valve stem with cap        KTM Racing Pad   dress-up aluminum screws for body panel
Billet tire air valve cover   racing handle bar grip (blue, red, yellow, black)   Bling bling handles (gold, silver, red, blue, black)
brake pads              FS529/X7 racing tire Blow out sale $50/pair   49cc soleniod
49cc bearings   49cc cylinder head, 49cc ported cylinder head   FS529 brake handle
49cc crane shaft bearing   49cc piston and piston rings   FS529 front or rear brake
49cc axle adjuster   49cc piston pin   FS529 brake cables
FS529 rear sprocket   49cc piston pin clip   49cc clutch
49cc air filter w/built in choke switch   FS529 speed/starter controller (right side)   FS529 rims
49cc high performance carburetor   FS529 signal, horn, light switch (left side)   FS529 tires
49cc stock carburetor   49cc control module   FS529 gas tank
FS529 chain relinker   49cc battery   FS529 foot peg
FS529 chain   FS529 ignition key   FS529 pull starter
FS529 CVT transmission   49cc charger   FS529 starter claw
49cc engine   49cc charger plug   FS529 seat
49cc engine case   49cc fuse holder   FS529 tire valve
49cc coil   49cc fuses   FS529 windshield
FS529 spark plug   49cc motor mount   All 49cc gaskets
FS529 tail light assembly   FS529 side body   FS529 stock muffler
FS529 head light assembly   Sticker (6 sheets)   49cc intake manifold #1
FS529 headlight housing   FS529 speedometer   49cc intake manifold #2
Rockit key   FS529 front fork   FS529 handle bar
FS529 brake disc   FS529 high performance pipe Blow out sale $49   49cc starter claw bolt
FS529 kick stand   FS529 gas cap   49cc electrical starter
Drive sprocket clip   49cc pull starter screw set      

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